Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Response to 38Degrees Email

This is a copy of the email I just sent to David Babbs, the Chief Executive of 38Degrees, a campaigning organisation.  They asked me to donate to them on a regular basis.  I won't be doing so.

Dear David

I'm afraid I won't be able to contribute to your campaign because I, and hundreds of thousands of people like me, are going to be plunged further into poverty because of the Welfare Reform Bill.  On top of the Welfare Reforms, agonising cuts have been made to social care and the Local Council level.  People like me are being left to lay in their own filth overnight in order to save a few pounds.  People like me are choosing to kill themselves rather than continue to struggle in a world that doesn't care enough to see they get enough food and heat to live.  People like me are facing the truth that they will be unable to cope physically and financially when the DLA changes to PIP are made, and acknowledging they will probably be forced to take their own lives rather than live in isolation and fear.

Essentially, David, people like me, people who are sick and disabled, will be ignored and forced to live in poverty and fear, because organisations like yours CHOOSES not to fight on our behalf.  You say that you fight on the behalf of the public, then I ask, why are you ignoring us?  I applaud your sharing of David Gillion's post on your blog, but for an organisation that is very keen on emailing it's members to ask for money, why didn't you share this post via email.  Our message is one that needs to be heard by as many people as possible.  At the moment, disabled campaigners feel very alone, without public support and even if you don't chose to campaign on our behalf, couldn't you at least tell as many people as possible that we exist and we are dying.  As a sick and disabled person I belong to the only minority group that ANYONE can become a member of ANY TIME.  No one expects to get ill, and would you want your loved ones to be hounded in the street?

So David, until I know that I won't have my benefits taken away from me at a moments notice, I will not be signing up to financially support your organisation.

Yours sincerely


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  1. I wrote to Mr. Babbs with similar concerns over a month ago. He hasn't even acknowledged my communication let alone replied. Nor has anyone else at 38 Degrees. It merely confirms my impression of the group as anti-disabled.