Friday, 17 June 2011

A New Blog

I have been blogging about my artistic endeavours for around 2 years.  I kept my illness and my blog fairly separate, only referring to my pain levels in passing.  Recently in the UK the government has changed and the new ruling parties (it is a coalition) are dismantling our welfare system.  Our welfare system was not perfect, but it was certainly better than what is currently being discussed as the new alternative.

These proposed changes will affect me directly.  They will affect 10s of thousands of other people in this country and these changes are filling me rage and despair.

Rather than continue to post on my old blog, which is mainly for crafters, I decided to set up this new blog so I have somewhere to rant and cry away from my mainly international audience on my old blog.

I have no idea where this blog will go, or how long or how often I will post here.  I just know that I needed a place where I could really discuss openly how difficult it is to be in constant pain and have to battle the system.

I imagine for a while I will be wailing into the abyss, but hopefully someone will hear me, and if one healthy person understands a little of what it is to be sick or disabled in Britain in 2011, then I have achieved something.

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